About Us

To know about us is to know about Kasaragod first. A confluence of seven languages, Kasaragod, where Kannadigas form the majority, is a district at the farthest end of North Kerala, unfortunately annexed to the State following the reorganization of Indian States in 1956 on linguistic basis. A disputed land ever since, it has been a long standing demand of the Kannadigas of Kasaragod to include certain parts of Kasaragod in Karnataka State following the recommendation of Mahajan Commission, then formed to look into the matter.

The people of Kasaragod district have been depending mostly on the neighbouring Dakshina Kannada district for their needs of higher education, medical emergencies and trade etc. It is a well-known fact that all the governments that have ruled Kerala for over decades have neglected the development of Kasaragod. When viewed from the point of political representation, election results of Kasaragod, the second smallest district in Kerala, have not made any considerable impact on the parties that have ruled the State so far. As a result of this, Kasaragod has remained underdeveloped in every front and when it comes to employment most of the graduates from this area migrate either to Bangalore or the Gulf countries.

It is against this background that Vikasa Trust ® was founded. Bringing together all those hailing from Kasaragod but now residing in Bangalore under one umbrella, under the guidance and mentoring of dignitaries and veterans from Kasaragod, the Trust has ‘voicing our concern on the development of Kasaragod’ as its agenda and vows to work towards the said goal to its level best.

Ravinarayana Gunaje, a promising entrepreneur-cum-social activist, the Chairman of Vikasa Trust ®, is the brain behind the Trust. The Trust envisions Kasaragod would turn into a well-developed district in near future.